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I am Mike Meredith: a Calgary lawyer dedicated to generating practical, efficient solutions to wills and estate planning and corporate/commercial issues. I bring to bear expertise developed at three national law firms, a leading international firm, and a first nations boutique firm.

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Wills Estates Corporate Law Commcercial LawMeredith Law realizes my ambition of starting my own practice so that I can assist my clients directly.

I take pride in working with my clients and their other advisors to: develop a deep understanding of what they want to achieve; ensure they have a clear understanding of the law and procedure governing their issue; so that we can together: (i) define both the true issues and the client's objectives, and (ii) draw on my experience to generate and implement innovative legal strategies to achieve the best possible result.

I’m passionate about serving my profession and community. I volunteer with Calgary Legal Guidance giving seminars through the Law in the Library program. I sit on the board of my community association and am an instructor with the Calgary branch of the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing.

Areas of Practice

My wills and estate practice focuses on making sure that you are prepared for yours and your family’s future: the drafting of wills, powers of attorney and personal directives; guardianship and trusteeship concerns; and probate, trusts, and other estate issues.

My corporate/commercial practice focuses on all of the phases of owning a business: incorporation of companies, creating a partnership or creating a joint venture; ongoing documentation for growth of the entity; and eventually the sale of the venture.


In Alberta there is no requirement for a person to have a will. If a person dies intestate, meaning without a will, the Wills and Succession Act specifies what will happen to your estate. Even if the list of beneficiaries in the Wills and Succession Act matches those that you would chose, there are many benefits to having a will: quicker resolution of your estate; lower costs; delaying the time that your minor children get their portion of your estate past the age of 18 years or requiring that they meet certain academic achievements. Having a properly drafted will can give you peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be followed after you die.

In addition to wills we also draft powers of attorney and personal directives. A power of attorney is meant to control your financial and legal matters and a personal directive is meant to control decisions about your health and well-being. These documents will be used by the person you appoint to make decisions with you or on your behalf but only when you need assistance to make decisions or when you no longer have the capacity to make decisions at all.

There are also orders that can be given by the court for guardianship and trusteeship under the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act these are used in situations where an individual can no longer look after their personal health or financial matters requires assistance.


Estate planning is more than having a will. There are additional actions that a person can undertake to maximize how much of their estate passes to their beneficiaries.

As well, estate planning may include the setting up of trusts in advance for spouses, children or grandchildren. Trusts for children and grandchildren may include conditions on when they can receive the money such as levels of education or splitting the money over different years and other structures if your children are still dependant on you.

Another aspect to keep in mind is who you want to have as a guardian for your children in the event that they are still minors when you pass away and how much of your estate should be made available to the guardians while your children are minors.


If you are planning on starting an enterprise there are several different ways that you can go: sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership or joint venture. Each of these entities have different attributes and depending on what your specific needs are: how you are bringing capital into the organization; how much risk your new entity will be taking on will; and how many people will be owning it, all dictate what type of entity will suit your needs best. At Meredith Law we can work with your accountant and other financial planners to make the most beneficial structure for your needs. We can also assist with annual reports and other corporate documentation that is required for maintaining your status as a company.


While you are operating your company there are a great number of contracts that you will likely have to deal with: purchase and sale agreements; services agreements; employment contracts, loans and guarantees; and lease agreements to name a few. At Meredith Law we can help you prepare standardized documents for your company as well as contracts for specific transactions.


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